by Due Daniels
My Quick Rant on the Use of Supplements

It’s like the fight on religion. You don’t believe in God or you do. Speak your peace, and recruit but don’t get mad that people are recruiting against God. Likewise, if you don’t believe in God, don’t get upset that people do and recruit others to their belief.   If you love supplements, and want…

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by Due Daniels
Rubber-Like Chemical Setting in Most of Your Foods

People are still trying to find out how a chemical typically found in rubber made it into your foods. A food additive called azodicarbonamide, has been safely residing in your Subway sandwiches, baked goods at Publix supermarkets, and over 500 other foods in 130 different brand names.   Even Nature’s Own and Pillsbury couldn’t resist…

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by Due Daniels
Influenza Prevention with Food and Supplementation Instead of Flu-Shot: Studies Suggest

Have you went on in, maybe at the suggestion of your doctor or mom, or other family member, advising you to get the flu-shot? If you’re alive, someone probably has suggested it to you telling you to go get it.   The flu-shot is meant to inoculate your body with a strain of the flu…

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by Due Daniels
Exercise Band Fitbit Recalls Activity Tracker Because of Rash

If you are curious of how many steps you take in a given day, or how many calories you burn in an afternoon walk, or simply what is your overall activity levels; you may have been drawn to an exercise band. These have become popular over the last few years (thank you First Lady Michelle…

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by Due Daniels
5 Million people Taking Statin Drugs to Reduce Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes

Five million more people should be taking statins to prevent heart attacks and strokes, according to an NHS watchdog. I’m not sure why this is a headline or first option to prevent a serious thing such as heart attacks and strokes, but it is. First off, what are statins? Statins are a class of medicines…

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