Periodontal Disease Treatment (Receding Gums Gingivitis)

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periodontal disease treatmentPeriodontal disease, also known as Gingivitis, is basically a receding gum line. This is kind of like guys who have receding hairlines, people get receding gum lines. From a health and beauty standpoint, I’d rather have a receding hairline any day of the week compared to a receding gum line because what is truly happening in each situation. Today we aren’t going to talk about receding hairlines, we’re going to talk about periodontal disease treatment (receding gums).


Periodontal Disease Treatment (Receding Gums Gingivitis)


This is thought by the traditional dentists to be caused by food particles packing into the space between the teeth in between teeth and gums. In reality, all forms of dental disease are the result of bone loss under the gums, which causes to gums recede and allow food to pack into the space created. Again, this disease has been eliminated by the veterinary profession as a result of nutritional investigations for better health and production of pet and farm animals. As Dr. Joel said, “I have not seen too many cows, horses, dogs, and cats, nor wolves, giraffe or elephants for that matter flossing their teeth, brushing their teeth, or using mouthwash with fluoride.”

The reason that this simple concept has not been shared with the public is because of money!!! And you have to know that… I am sure my ‘conspiracy theorists’ are now tuned in now, but it only makes sense friends. Think about the toothpaste toothbrush and floss companies that get the approval of the American Dental Association; does it not seem odd that these same companies give large grants to dental schools? Private investigators like the old Sherlock Holmes and perhaps some union stewards would call this “a morning sweetheart deal.” This appears to be another case of letting the fox guard the chicken house, and wonder why the chicken count is going down.

Periodontal Disease Treatment Hairlines or Gum lines Receding?

I remember a marketing special on how they got people to start using toothpaste and brushing their teeth. After world war I (or II), people were not brushing, but many war men were losing teeth. The marketing ploy to get people in a frenzy to brush up was by showing images of celebrities with sparkling white teeth. An industry is born…

Periodontal disease treatment should include a correction of dietary calcium phosphorus ratio. You’ll need the 2000 m.g to 1000 m.g ratios for proper ability to absorb calcium correctly. You’ll also need to give up on phosphate in soft drinks, reduce red meat consumption, reduce phytate intake, which is the eating of raw vegetables, supplement with calcium at 2000 MG per day and magnesium at 1000 MG per day, and remember the baseline nutritional supplement program including plant derived colloidal minerals. Vitamin K is also important as Beta carotene, vitamin C is also very helpful, zinc, Betaine HC1 pancreatic enzymes taken at least 15 minutes before meals. Avoid sugar, sugar breaks down bone and bone density. You have to reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming as you add all of these nutrients to your dietary regimen.

Periodontal Disease Treatment … What You Can Do!

Lastly, use herbal and hydrogen peroxide as your mouthwash and dental floss to keep teeth. The odd thing in all of this is that your bone will grow back if you’ve loss some bone mass. Now I personally still brush at least twice a day, I use the right mouth rinses, floss, but I don’t spend hours trying to clean my teeth. I do a good good job and get out of there. I visit my dentist once or twice a year for cleanings and I’m content. I’m happy to report I have a good dental hygiene these days.

It was not always the case for me. I’ve been through a bit of a war in my mouth. I’ve had wisdom teeth pulls, cavities, root canals, and even had a couple teeth knocked out playing basketball. I’ve been LIED to by two dentist, one telling me I had six cavities, and when I went for a second opinion, the dentist told me I had absolutely NO CAVITIES. WTF! Long story…Today my dentist says I have 100% healthy teeth and gums, and it all started being that way when I began using Youngevity products 90 for life, and their calcium products.

periodontal disease treatment
90 for Life with Osteo Fx

Try the Cal-Toddy, Osteo Fx-Plus along with the 90 for Life pack and enjoy beating periodontal disease. God bless

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Periodontal Disease Treatment resource came from Let’s Play Doctor by Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan, MD, MS


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