Foods that Help the Liver Function Better

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Foods that Help the Liver Function BetterI want you to imagine for a moment, a machine. This machine removes harmful material from the River of Life and also helps break down solids. This machine, ultimately is a personal filtering system. What is this machine? It is your liver.


The liver works in our body as a fat burning organ. It takes the food that we eat, the nutrients from the food we eat and converts those into essential components storing the vitamins and minerals and amino acids and proteins and enzymes to maintain hormonal balances in our body.


The liver also helps boost your immune system function, it will fight infections, remove any type of bacteria from the blood, and make bile, which is very important for digesting meals. The liver not well taken care of will lead to obesity, heart disease, chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, allergies and a few other ailments.

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The immune system protects the body but the liver protects the immune system. Therefore this is a vital organ. There are activities you can participate in that harm the liver. These activities greatly endanger deliver; tobacco use, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, and white sugar in excessive amounts. These all will do more damage than any thing you can imagine.


Activities to Help the Liver


Low impact exercises like taking a 30 minute walk and drinking at least half of your body weight in water are both very good things you can do for the liver. However I wrote this article because I wanted to know what are some good foods I can eat to help my liver sustain itself and thrive. How can a brother treat his liver good?


One thing you can do is eat foods that are conducive to helping the liver. I have a short list below.


Let’s begin with cashews walnuts and almonds. These are high in omega-3 fatty acids and also high in Glutathione. Both are very helpful in cleansing deliver.


Turmeric, is a spice that also assist the body and digesting facts. It is a natural form of detox for the liver according to holistic health professionals.


Lemons and limes. Lemons and limes help the body clean out toxic material and also helps the digestion process.


Foods that Help the Liver Function BetterAvocados


Avocados also have glutathione, which is needed for the liver to filter out harmful materials.


Green tea


Green tea is full of plant antioxidants, which have been known to improve the functions in the liver.


Green Leafy Vegetables


Do not run away from green leafy vegetables, these leafy vegetables neutralize metals chemicals and pesticides that may be in foods and they act as a protective mechanism for the liver. One of my new favorite vegetables lately are beets and beets are in plant-flavonoids, which are said to improve the overall function of the liver.


The last two I will mention start with the letter “G,” garlic and grapefruit. Garlic helps your liver activate enzymes that flush out toxins, which is the livers job. Garlic also has selenium, a natural compounds of antioxidants, good for liver upkeep.


GrapefruitFoods that Help the Liver Function Better


Eating or drinking grapefruit juice can help you never flush out carcinogens and toxins. Like the lemon family, grapefruit has citrus that is naturally cleansing.


Hey if you are the president of your body (and you are) and your liver is an ethnic group in your country, I would definitely cater to their needs they have a great vote in your health and the sustaining of your body. Take care of them.


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  1. Wow! really good article. I have non-alcoholic cirrhosis. Try to eat better but it’s not optimal. Need to incorporate your foods so I can reverse this nasty cirrhosis-beast.

    1. Hey Danielle, thanks for the comment. Yes you can fight it back and you will. To speak to Dr. Wallach on the Let’s Play Doctor Show© call 877-912-7529 weekdays between 4 and 5 PM Eastern Time. The phone lines open at 3:45 PM Eastern. If you call and the lines are busy start calling again about 4:15 Eastern and lines will start to open up. He will give you a great regimen to defeat the beast! When he does give me an email. Blessings

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