Exercising the Fun and Healthful Way

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Exercising the Fun and Healthful Way
Exercising the Fun and Healthful Way

Just you and your podcasts, listening to your favorite show.

One of the things that makes life very difficult for people trying to keep healthy or to regain their health is exercising.


There are many ways to exercise. You could be the extreme exerciser, making grunts and sounds as you lift weights at the gym. You could be the person who does the 10 mile cardio everyday or you can be the one who does simple stretches.

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Exercising for some people is very therapeutic; they cannot go without it or they will feel miserable. I wish for everyone to at least take a 30 minute brisk walk every day. Push-ups, sit ups, and pull-ups all won’t hurt either, unless you’ve had previous injuries, but a brisk walk helps you in many ways.


Even if you’ve had knee replacement surgeries in the past or you have painful knees, feet, ankles, taking a brisk walk will allow you to get movement which is a great healer in itself.


Walking allows you to get in touch with nature. Even if you live in the slum of slums neighborhoods, getting out into fresh air would do you wonders. Taking a walk is a natural stress reliever also. If you put on your headphones and listen to your favorite songs or your favorite podcasts or if you take a walk with a friend you are bound to release much stress (just don’t take your cellphone with you).


One of the essential things in life is to have quiet time and taking a walk by yourself can provide that quiet time that you need. It gives you time to think and get clarity on things piling up in your mind all day.


Regardless of the exercise you choose in life, be sure if you sweating in any activity you replenish that sweat that you loss. Sweat is not just water, but is a soup of minerals as well as other vital nutrients.


Here’s to moving and staying active.


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