More Doctors Leaning Away from Saturated Fats as the Bad Guy

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More Doctors Leaning Away from Saturated Fats as the Bad GuySaturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease, obesity, or diabetes, or high blood pressure. The real blame is a high carbohydrate diet and refined sugars, according more doctors.


The jury is coming out as more traditional doctors are starting to follow naturopathic doctors in understanding that saturated fats do not cause cardiovascular disease.


As published in the annals of internal medicine from new Cambridge University study, carbohydrate and sugars are the real blame. Researchers are starting to agree that if you eat saturated fats such as butter, you are not risking your health more so than eating excessive amounts of sugars and carbohydrates.


This was published on the in their health section as well as the Cambridge University study.

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Dr. Joel Wallach expresses this in his research in his lectures dealing with French paradox. Citizens of France are known to eat excessive amounts of fats, nevertheless they minimize their sugar and carbohydrates intake. It may not be by design, but it happens.


France does not have the obesity problem to the rate the United States has – and this is what causes the paradox in the diets. There is a growing list of medical experts who are getting rid of the myth that saturated fats are the cause of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.


They, like other health researchers and naturopathic doctors, are leaning towards a high carbohydrate diet particularly high sugar and high in refined carbohydrates as the actual blame for illnesses around the world.


“It’s not saturated fat that we should worry about,” said Dr. Rajiv Chowdhury, lead author of the study and a cardiovascular epidemiologist at Cambridge University.


Specifically Dr. Chowdhury and his colleagues came to their conclusions after reviewing data from 72 published medical studies of more than 600,000 people from 18 countries. Chowdhury is a cardiologist, and he as well as the well-publicized Dr. William Davis, author of the book Wheat Belly, said that a low carb, high fat, and wheat-free diet reverses diabetes and prevents heart disease (and we can quote him on that).


Many traditional doctors are realizing that their medical school studies focused them on treatment and not so much on preventative medicine. And if we are truly trying to get people healthy we need to be sure that we are using all available resources including tested and proven non-traditional treatments.


The conclusion is that fats are not your problem. The problem is in sugars and refined carbohydrates. And don’t forget the lack of plant derived minerals and healthy nutrients.


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