Obese Teenagers Feeling Salty Over Salt Intake

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Obese Teenagers Feeling Salty Over Salt IntakeIf your teenager is growing up faster than you thought compared to prior generations, you may not be losing your mind. A recent study showed that obese teenagers can accelerate their aging process by the heavy consumption of salted snacks.


Bet you cannot eat just one is one-by-one shortening the years of their life.


Eating heavy consumption of salted snacks in overweight teenagers may speed up the aging process. This is based on the study of telomeres, telomeres are the protective ends of chromosomes that naturally shorten with age.

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I recently learned about telomeres through Youngevity’s new product, of course, created based on this research. The product is called Imortalium. Unhealthy activities like smoking cigarettes, drinking excessively, not exercising, not getting real nutrients from real foods, slows the aging process by shortening the telomeres.


In this study, to understand how sodium affects the length of telomeres, the researchers took nearly 800 teenagers from the ages of 14 to 18 and put them into different groups based on their sodium intake.


Both groups took in more sodium than the recommended maximum of sodium which is around 1500 mg per day, which is basically equal to two/thirds teaspoon of salt.


The main report from the research or study was the sodium did not affect telomere length and normal weight kids. It did affect the weight affect the telomeres in overweight kids, showing that they are sensitive to salt.


Also, it explains why higher levels of sodium intake have greater impact on overweight teenagers. Originally we thought children were aging faster because of the hormones in the chicken. It may also be aging because of the high sodium intake especially among overweight children.


Answer: leave the bags potato chips alone for a season. And get healthy nutrients in.


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