Getting an Infection in the Hospital

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The last place you’d think you’d get an infection from is the good ole hospital, but you have a four percent chance in doing so.

Getting an Infection in the Hospital

If you’re going to the hospital for check ups, tests, or any kind of treatment, there is a good chance you will get an infection while in the hospital.


The New England Journal of Medicine is reporting that one out of 25 patients who seek treatment at hospitals acquire an infection while there.


Four out of 100 people or 4% of people who go to hospitals to get help in up getting an infection of some sort.


Millions of people visit the hospital every day. So this is a great problem that you should know going into the hospital.

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Prevention is best, but in case you do have to go to the hospital for any reason, know that there is that 4% chance that you will get an infection.


We just have to hope that we do not encounter this problem and that we are prepared to fix it and that it is not anything deadly.


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