Why Youngevity Products?


Why Youngevity Products?

why Youngevity products

Youngevity Products are all natural, organic, and include all 90 plus nutrients you need. If you have questions about what product you should start with or need, call or text me and or my team at 312.725.3836!

To learn about the creator of Youngevity’s supplement products, visit the Wallach Files here.

2 thoughts on “Why Youngevity Products?

  1. is there a list of how many days supple of each of your products (30 day, 60 day etc )

    1. On average Bill, it is about 30 days. If someone is overweight, it will be less, underweight they will have more. It is by body weight most of the time. (sorry for the late reply, we get a lot of spammers, so some comments get overlooked). ­čÖé

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