Benefits of Drinking More Water and How to Start

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Benefits of Drinking More Water and How to StartSome people absolutely hate drinking water. They have to add some type of flavoring, coloring, or sugar to their water in order to drink. This certainly causes more problems for people than not.


Water is essential to to life. You probably cannot go without water for more than 7 to 10 days. Your body is comprised of at least 70% water. Facts like these are why it is vital to consume enough water every day for the development and sustaining of your body.


Since this is the case, you should make it a point to drink a plain water to the tune of at least 4 to 8 cups a day and more if you carry extra weight on you.


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Some of the benefits of water includes, preventing cramps, getting rid of headaches, maintaining regularity, boosting your immune system, improving your skin, removing toxins from the body, assisting with weight loss and weight management, and increases energy.


How Do I Start If I Don’t Like It?


If you have trouble drinking water I would start by flavoring your water with natural flavors. Not natural flavors as you think about it on the back of the ingredients of some fake product you purchase. Instead, natural flavors like a real lemon dropped into your water.


Perhaps you can cut some cucumber slices and drop them into your water, or a few slices of watermelon or any other fruit. You can take an orange or an apple, slice it up and put it into your water to help with the flavor.


If that still does not work for you, why don’t you try putting a bit of (regular) juice into your water (like 20% of the glass) to flavor it so that you are drinking water down juice.


Water or Flavored Water is Not Doing It For Me!


If the options above aren’t working, another option is to drink green tea without adding milk or any other substances to it besides lightly sweetening it. This at least gets you getting healthy fluid of mainly water into your system.


Adding more water to your diet is going to do so many things for you, and it’s best to drink lots of water especially if you take supplements (Youngevity Products) and if you have any health problems.


Cheers to more water,


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