Do You Believe in Medical Conspiracy Theories?

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Do You Believe in Medical Conspiracy Theories?Do you believe in medical health conspiracy theories? Apparently you are not alone. A recent survey revealed nearly 50% of American adults believe that our government, along with corporations, have a partnership involvement in at least one conspiracy to cover up health information.


That is kind of funny and worrisome at the same time, that one out of two people believe the government is covering things up. Aren’t we suppose to trust our government?


There are all kind of conspiracy theories out there, from cancer cures, to cell phones causing cancer, to vaccines, as we are seeing on the news by certain mothers, but what was recently published in this weeks journal JAMA internal medicine takes the cake.


People actually believe this stuff!

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Well some of it is not far-fetched. For instance, when a person who suffered from type-2 diabetes, recovers from diabetes, their blood sugar is 801 day and then 30 days later it is normal, every doctor who is treating someone of diabetes should form a line around that person.


They should form this line to hear what they have to say about what they did to rid their diabetes. That typically does not happen, instead there is a shrug off that such person was an unlikely or special case, and the world keeps spinning.


It is no wonder that in the online survey of nearly 1500 adults, nearly 40% believe that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is keeping natural cures for cancer and other disease away from the public.

Do You Believe in Medical Conspiracy Theories?

They believe that the FDA is doing this because of heavy pressure from drug companies, and also the financial gain. Regarding the survey, another 20% believe that health officials are hiding evidence that cell phones cause cancer.


What do we do? get rid of cell phones or make better cell phone?


Two out of ten people doctors and health officials push child vaccines even though they “know these vaccines cause autism and other psychological disorders.”


Then there were various people who endorse ideas or theories that involve fluoride, genetically modified foods, and the deliberate infection of HIV on African-Americans. That is kind of intense!


Nearly 50% believed at least one of these teams theories, in fact 49% to be exact, and 18% believed at least three of the conspiracies. We know there are conspiracy theories enough to write ten books, including political conspiracy theories but what do you think?


Leave your comments about conspiracy theories below?

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