Fried Foods Obesity and Chronic Disease

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We are all born with some kind of genetic makeup. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from, genetically, you came programmed with certain things. Fried Foods Obesity and Chronic Disease


These could be shortcomings, they could be beneficial-comings, such as great height, great muscular-physique, great athletic ability, great mental stamina, or just plain old wizardry in the form of know how.


With this also comes fixed genes such as learning disabilities, potential disease and so forth. In an article published on they concluded (via a study) that fried foods and obesity are genetically linked.

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This probably doesn’t take too much common sense, but the testing helps verify the commonality, to help it make sense to us scientifically. Ideally they were saying certain people are predisposed to have excess weight and obesity based on certain genes.


Essentially, their finding goes to persuade people to avoid eating fried foods especially if you are overweight. Dr. Wallach studied geographic location and foods as it relates to long life and disease and found that people who do not eat fried foods, give themselves an additional 20 to 25 years of life (as oppose to those who do not).


This is not a bad exchange for putting your food in the oven instead of a deep fryer. While this is challenging (putting an emergency stop on fried foods), eating fried foods is possible to avoid.




Stay out of restaurants that prepare fried foods, and don’t cook your food deep-fried. There are cancerous risk to eating fried food, because the oil is immediately oxidize making it a carcinogen.


Fried Foods Obesity and Chronic Disease

This wasn’t the first study of its kind, previous studies have also demonstrated that a diet rich in fried foods is certainly associated with obesity and chronic disease

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