The Surgeon General’s Warning Means Nothing

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The Surgeon General’s Warning Means Nothing

Health warnings are seldomly taken serious by the general public. It was fifty (50) years ago the Surgeon General applied his warning on cigarettes. The warning told that cigarettes cause lung cancer, heart disease, fetal damages in pregnant women, and other grave health issues.


Even with all this, we still have an abundance of people who smoke cigarettes, and even a greater abundance of new smokers. Former Pres. John F. Kennedy ordered Dr. Luther Terry, the then Surgeon General, to create a report to give a warning of what cigarettes do towards people.

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The bill was signed as law by former Pres. Richard Nixon in 1970, which included no more television ads for cigarette commercials. They also had to write on the package that cigarettes are detrimental to the health.


Evidence has indicated that cigarette smoking is the primary cause of COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and emphysema as well as other cardiac diseases.


What baffles me most is that 50 years later, smoking cigarettes probably has dropped off just a small percentage. The number of people who still smoke has continued to grow despite aggressive advertisements against smoking cigarettes.


People pick up cigarettes, knowing it accelerates death and disease, yet they smoke it, and the cigarette companies are still swimming in profits.


As someone who promotes healthy living, it worries me that if people can’t stop doing something as destructive as smoking cigarettes, putting down a fried ham hock might be just as difficult.

The Surgeon General’s Warning Means Nothing

To all people attempting to put good information on natural health, here is the new surgeons general warning, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.”


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