Omega-3 No Longer Good For You

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Omega-3 No Longer Good For You
Omega-3 No Longer Good For You! Really?

Here is another one of those studies that tries to discourage people from taking care of their health through healthy foods and supplementation. An article in the headlines today stated that omega-3 fatty acids don’t support heart benefit.


The analysis came from more than 600,000 participants 18 different countries. All of the study’s results were published before July 1, 2013. The research did not say that omega-3 fatty acids are bad for you, instead they were pointing out that having it in high consumption is not necessarily great for you.


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Watch the play on words. And what CONFLICTING headline use.


The headline would give you a different idea or concept than what the actual test was relating. In my opinion this is a misleading study because details on the subjects were not fully released.


Nutritional guidelines have encouraged low intake of saturated fats, high consumption of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish and plant sources, and avoidance of trans fats, especially partially hydrogenated fat, as a way to improve cardiovascular health, the authors wrote.


The population already bears witness to the benefits many people have with the use of essential fatty acids, which are one of the major three nutrients, among other nutrients, the body requires.


In order to keep the revenues going for the mighty medical system, wrinkles have to be thrown at the holistic health and a natural health society.


Studies like this one should lead to the public eating “real” food, “even if these foods contain high amounts of saturated fat, instead of ingesting industrialized seed oils, particularly corn and safflower oil,” says DiNicolantonio.


Of Course you have to consider studies like this, but if something has been working well for you, continue with it and essential fatty acids (EFAs) have been working well for millions of people, so continue on.


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