by Due Daniels
Do You Believe in Medical Conspiracy Theories?

Do you believe in medical health conspiracy theories? Apparently you are not alone. A recent survey revealed nearly 50% of American adults believe that our government, along with corporations, have a partnership involvement in at least one conspiracy to cover up health information.   That is kind of funny and worrisome at the same time,…

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by Due Daniels
Helping Your Kids Get Fat

 Are you assisting your new born baby to become obese? Study finds that there is a chance that you are doing this unawares. At the young age of just two months many American babies are taking their first steps to the room of obesity and they’re taking those steps with the people they love the…

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by Due Daniels
Do a Little Dance Make a Little Love, Get Down Anorexia

The lyrics really say, “get down tonight…get down tonight,” but according to a new study released out of South Korea, it showed evidence that showing a little love may help people who suffer anorexia.   More specifically, the ‘love hormone’ known as oxytocin, which is produced when one is having an intimate kiss, when a…

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