Helping Your Kids Get Fat

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Helping Your Kids Get Fat

 Are you assisting your new born baby to become obese? Study finds that there is a chance that you are doing this unawares. At the young age of just two months many American babies are taking their first steps to the room of obesity and they’re taking those steps with the people they love the most, their parents.


The latest research found that in a population dominantly low income mothers and infants two months old spent much of their time in front of a television as they fed their newborn child.

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Those sitting in front of the TV while breast-feeding or while feeding with the bottle were white and black parents, than their latino caregiving counterparts. These are just a few parenting practices that have been linked by a large population studies to a child’s later risk of becoming obese.


The study was published on Monday in the Journal of pediatrics. The study found that Latino caregivers are more likely than the white parents and black parents to encourage a baby to finish the bottle or finish their breast-feeding time.


Also in this study, Latino mothers did not add cereal to their child’s breast milk or bottled milk. Adding cereal is a way to induce the ‘feeling’ of being full in a baby (hint hint add carbs to a meal and it induces the feeling of being full).


Adding cereal to infants milk was done by white parents and more so by black parents. This is certainly a way to aid obesity habits. The Latino caregivers also did not sit in front of the TV to feed to feed baby as much as the white and black caregivers.

Helping Your Kids Get Fat

Your infant needs your best, and sometimes the busy life, the work, the living your life and not caring for the baby will deliver a lot of problems that will create obese and sickly children.


Here is a look at the full article written by the LA Times.


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