by Due Daniels
Exercising the Fun and Healthful Way

Just you and your podcasts, listening to your favorite show. One of the things that makes life very difficult for people trying to keep healthy or to regain their health is exercising.   There are many ways to exercise. You could be the extreme exerciser, making grunts and sounds as you lift weights at the…

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by Due Daniels
LeBron James Goes Banes with Black Mask!

I know what you’re thinking, what does Youngevity Products have to do with LeBron James wearing a superhero or villain zero black mask?   Nothing!   I just thought it was super cool to see LeBron James score 31 points wearing a black mask like he was some dark-knight superhero. They should have made the…

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by Due Daniels
3 Easy Exercises Women Can Do At Home

We pulled out the victory on the road in San Francisco but unfortunately we came back home only to lose the next day to our Northern rivals, Puerto Plata.  We could blame the loss on our bodies being tired but the reality is that we had enough firepower to get the job done.  Back to back…

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by Due Daniels
Bad Knees Good Conditioning and Rebound Fx

I played college basketball 10 years ago and I like to think I was pretty good, even if it is only my opinion. I was healthy enough to avoid injuries and have a decent career. If there were anything to change, it wouldn’t be anything besides the coaches I happened to be coached by. For…

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by Due Daniels
Rebound Fx by Youngevity

Okay STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING… because I’m about to ruin the sports beverage that you’re used to.  Okay I actually got that line for Digital Underground; the song was the Humpty-Dance, played at most parties still.  At any rate, I am about to introduce a sports beverage like no other to you.  It’s called the…

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