Osteoporosis Prevention Methods

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Osteoporosis Prevention MethodsOsteoporosis is a debilitating disease. It is terrible because, depending on where it strikes, it takes away comfort and joy people have been enjoying for so long… comfortable walking. Osteoporosis is basically a bone conflict.


It is a disorder with your bones and the nutrients you give to your bones. Osteoporosis, in essence, is a decrease in the bone that usually occurs in older individuals and more frequently in women. The easy answer is to drink more milk right? Not if you’re lactose intolerant! The thing is, most of the information out there tells to strengthen bones through the use of vitamin D, calcium and exercise.


Osteoporosis Prevention Methods

The problem is that people are doing this and still having the problems. The big push by the traditional doctor is for estrogen and fluoride supplementation, yet these two compounds alone cannot solve the problem. In our personal experience (and by our I mean Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan), osteoporosis is easy to prevent and cure with proper supplementation of stomach acid (HC1) and calcium.

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Do a pulse test to identify any food allergies that might be causing a celiac disease- type change and malabsorption syndromes. The symptoms of osteoporosis are characterized by bone pain joint pain, “dowagers” hump and spontaneous fractures due to accidents and falls.


Osteoporosis is the 12th most frequent cause of death in adults following a fall and causing a fractured hips etc. Treatment of osteoporosis should include betaine hc1 and pancreatic enzymes 15 minutes before meals, calcium and magnesium at 2000 MG and 1000 MG ratios per day (or more for the first 30 days).


Estrogen may be contraindicated because of the potential carcinogenicity or carcinogenic effect known to cause breasts and uterine cancer. The plant derived colloidal minerals are very important, especially those that include calcium magnesium and boron.


Osteoporosis Prevention Methods

If you’re using the 90 for Life Joint and Bone Pack, you’re going to get more than your needed nutrients to help prevent or reverse osteoporosis. The osteoporosis prevention methods are very simple; treat the bones by treating the body with proper nutrients. Exercise is also important, but lets face it, if you’re having bone problems your least favorite thing to do probably is to go to the gym and jump and bounce around.


Take it slowly. Start by walking. Completing a simple walk around the neighborhood for 30 minutes or even 15 minutes a day will do wonders for your health.


Osteoporosis Prevention Methods
Bone and Joint

Osteoporosis Prevention Methods


Try the Bone and Joint Pack and start to reverse osteoporosis or consciously prevent it today!


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Osteoporosis Prevention Methods resource came from Let’s Play Doctor by Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan, MD, MS

*Don’t go believing everything you read online, especially statements like ours that have not been reviewed by the FDA. Do research and learn why you should consider supplementing with 90 for life nutrients!


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