PMS Premenstrual Syndrome and What to Do

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PMS Premenstrual SyndromePMS is thought to be just a woman’s problem. Unfortunately, men love to hang around women and therefore PMS becomes a man’s problem as well. Most do not know this, but the largest donors to PMS research is the male population. Husbands lead the pack because they are obligated, boyfriends run, sleep at their friends house, or act like the problem does not exist. Unfortunately, I’m being comical with this situation, but in reality it is very serious. Premenstrual syndrome has been a long problem for women throughout the ages.

Since the times of Adam and Eve, women have had to battle the Premenstrual syndrome and the good news today is that it is easily “battle-able” than it has been over the last 200 years. As in their book, Let’s Play Doctor, Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan, note the causes and treatments of PMS. PMS has a long history in “orthodox” medicine. Historically, the treatment was hysterectomy since removal of the ovaries and uterus would cure all the critical emotional symptoms leaving a precipitous menopause, which could be palliated with estrogen.

PMS Premenstrual Syndrome and What You Should Do

It is now known that deficiencies of essential fatty acids in conjunction with the clinical hormone patterns of the woman produce the classical PMS picture of fragile emotions, irrational behavior, mania, depression, and debilitating pelvic cramps. If you’ve ever visited someone in the hospital, typically people in pain are not always the nicest people (with good reason). This is why poor neighborhoods have higher cases of crime than those in manicured wealthy neighborhoods. It is because poor people are in financial pain, and that leads to irritable behavior.

PMS Premenstrual Syndrome and the Better Side

The same thing goes on with women during the PMS cycle. Debilitating pelvic cramps along with emotional changes can be a nightmare for women, and any live-in partners. I once had a friend that told me her menstrual pain was and is so unbearable, she rather die and was taking high doses of painkillers just to deal with it. Today we have over the counter drugs that help the premenstrual cycle, but much of it completely disrupts the nature of the natural female body.

PMS Premenstrual Syndrome

What is Helping Others with PMS Premenstrual Syndrome

Alternatively, a separate and more natural process should be considered and used. Treatment of PMS, by Dr. Wallach’s research, includes vitamins B6, essential fatty acids, vitamins A as beta carotene during the last 14 days of the cycle, vitamin D, calcium (especially in plant derived colloidal sources), and herbs that include mistletoe, black cohosh, blue cohosh, and Dan Aui (sign up for newsletter to learn exact amounts and ratios). If you are to keep this super simple, get the 90 for life, with additional calcium, and the Womens FX with Black Cohosh to improve PMS cycles and menopause all together.


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