by Due Daniels
Colon Cancer Deaths Down, Testing Up

As more people have gone in to be tested for colon cancer (the test popularly known as a colonoscopy), the rates of deaths by colon cancer have gone down.   This is definitely good news because, colon cancer was one of the higher forms of cancer circulating the country for the last decade. However, people…

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by Due Daniels
Omega-3 Can Help Alzheimer’s Disease New Study Suggest

I also suggest you take a look at this new study that reveals supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids could assist in preventing and even reverse the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It does this by stimulating a newly identified “resolution pathways” a research study shares. The new study was published by the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia….

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by Due Daniels
ADA Recommends Fluoride Toothpaste For Kids To Assist Tooth Decay Fight

The American Dental Association recommends that kids should begin using fluoride toothpastes early in life to help fight tooth decay. Many people are against fluoride as it is bad for the brain and body. The real thing is to make sure kids are getting calcium and a gang of nutrients their growing bodies require! The…

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by Due Daniels
PMS Premenstrual Syndrome and What to Do

PMS is thought to be just a woman’s problem. Unfortunately, men love to hang around women and therefore PMS becomes a man’s problem as well. Most do not know this, but the largest donors to PMS research is the male population. Husbands lead the pack because they are obligated, boyfriends run, sleep at their friends…

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by Due Daniels
Problems with Poor Circulation

Many people in America and all over the world suffer from a condition commonly known as poor circulation. It is a common problem for millions of people all over the globe, many of them are not even aware to the fact that this is a medical condition. Nevertheless this problem is generally related to coronary…

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