Colon Cancer Deaths Down, Testing Up

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Colon Cancer Deaths Down, Testing Up
Colon Cancer Deaths Down, Testing Up

As more people have gone in to be tested for colon cancer (the test popularly known as a colonoscopy), the rates of deaths by colon cancer have gone down.


This is definitely good news because, colon cancer was one of the higher forms of cancer circulating the country for the last decade. However, people did recover from it at better rates than other cancers because the colon is where all diseases begin.


Cleaning the colon will help anyone with their overall health. The American Cancer Society (ACS) reported that a tripling of colonoscopy rates has decreased colon cancer deaths in adults by 30% in the last decade.

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This is wonderful news, obviously, and it shares with us many things, one important is that if you take care of your health and you are on top of your health, meaning you are getting checked out every once in a while, then if an ailment does creep upon you, it can be found and corrected.


Many problems are hard to fix because they were found too late. With this news, you could diet better, clean the colon regularly, and go get checked out at least once a year to be sure that your colon is as healthy as it needs to be.


You don’t even need to go get checked out at a doctors office, Dr. Wallach tells you how to check yourself in his book, Let’s Play Doctor.


In addition, to deaths decreasing of those who have colon cancer, some of this can be attributed to people using natural health methods as an alternative treatment once being diagnosed.

Hurray to all those who do!


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