by Due Daniels
Got a Hot Head? Risk Possible Heart Attack!

You probably have heard people associate their temper or their anger to raising their ‘high-blood-pressure’ but it may be truer than you thought. I remember the ole ladies in my neighborhood growing up yelling at their kids or someones kids, with the attached quote; “y’all going to raise my high blood pressure, got me yelling…

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by Due Daniels
7 Habits That Increase Your Children’s Risk for Obesity

HELLO PARENTS… here are 7 habits you have that will increase the chances of your children (chil-ren if you’re from the south) or your child being obese. Obese is such a nasty word, so I’ll go to over the weight limit (overweight). I originally saw this article by Kristin Kirkpatrick, and I had a few…

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by Due Daniels
5 Million people Taking Statin Drugs to Reduce Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes

Five million more people should be taking statins to prevent heart attacks and strokes, according to an NHS watchdog. I’m not sure why this is a headline or first option to prevent a serious thing such as heart attacks and strokes, but it is. First off, what are statins? Statins are a class of medicines…

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by Due Daniels
Ultimate Prost Fx

If you have a male family member approaching age 50 and above and they eat a SAD (standard American diet), then most doctors will say they are at risk for having prostate problems, enlarged to developing cancer.  While this is pretty simple to fix and maintain, you still need to know how. Within Youngevity products,…

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