Got a Hot Head? Risk Possible Heart Attack!

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Got a Hot Head? Risk Possible Heart Attack!You probably have heard people associate their temper or their anger to raising their ‘high-blood-pressure’ but it may be truer than you thought. I remember the ole ladies in my neighborhood growing up yelling at their kids or someones kids, with the attached quote; “y’all going to raise my high blood pressure, got me yelling like that!”


If this is the case, I myself, better take a chill pill.


A report has been published in the UK that angry outbursts cause an increase in heart attack risk by up to five-times. If this is the case, I myself, better take a chill pill.

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People who blow their tops like a chew-chew train, are just about five times more likely to have a heart attack; and are three times more likely to bring on a stroke. They found that the stroke intensifies to occur within two hours of an angry outburst.


In the first study of its kind, experts found the risk of cardiac arrest increases dramatically among people with existing heart problems who get angry many times a day, although the risk can still increase among those who lose their temper less frequently and have better heart health.


Now this is the more startling part of the report coming out of the UK. They suggest to counter the risk of ‘temper-to-heart-attack’, one should go on statins AND anti-depressants, in addition to anger management therapy by doctors who (purposely) get them upset (to see how extreme their anger can go).


From a holistic standpoint, we probably don’t want to do statins. The reality is that the side effects of statins include memory loss (dementia), disappearing sexual performance, and even liver damage.


That is quite a bit, won’t you say (in my British, UK accent) for trying to lower cholesterol, reduce stroke and heart attack, and reduce recurrent stroke and heart attack. A natural alternative is to simply take a 30 minute walk daily, stop eating fried foods, eat more green foods, drink more water, and get on the 90 for life nutrients!


And guess what? No side effects!


If you have anger issues (free counseling session here), it probably behooves you to find out what gets you angry and why you’re so angry. If you find out why or what, it gives you a better chance at controlling it and working on you.


Just remember to keep calm and carry on!


What methods of keeping calm or control of your outbursts do you use. Please share in the comments section!


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