Elderly Probably Should Eat More Protein Than Middle-Age

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Elderly Probably Should Eat More Protein Than Middle-AgeA study is suggesting that high protein diets should be consumed by the elderly more so than by middle aged folks. Animal protein at high levels is strategically not a great idea to consume, especially if you’re what scientist call middle aged.


The study published in the journal Cell Metabolism reported over an 18 year study people in the age group of 45 to 65. They found that Americans who took on a high level of protein were four times likely to die from cancer and/or diabetes than those who were not! Also they also picked up more than double likeliness to die of any cause than those who had diets of low protein (specifically animal protein).


Nevertheless, the opposite effect came on Americans age 66 and greater. The high protein diet of 66 years and older saw a 60% less likelihood of dying from cancer, and 28% less likeliness to die from any cause.


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Odd… to say the least.


“Your stage in life matters,” said biogerontologist Valter Longo, director of USC’s Longevity Institute and lead author of the paper, which explores the role of dietary protein from the cellular level to the population level.


What was shocking was that eating high meat-protein diet was comparable to that of a cigarette smoker. If we’re to take this study at face value, eat meat until you turn 45, then stop. Then when you turn 66, pick up the bbq again.


However, in the meantime, be sure to put all the nutrients your body needs every day, just like the doctor ordered.


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