Meat and Cheese, So Good Yet So Bad, Like Smoking

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Meat and Cheese, So Good Yet So Bad, Like SmokingThis was the tail-end of the article written about the elderly should be consuming more meat than the middle aged. A study is revealing that eating a boat load of meat and cheese could be as bad for you as smoking a box of cigarettes.


Not meat, not cheese, not my good ole American hamburger?


Yes, this is part of an alarming report dropped into the media yesterday. As reported, the increased rate of death by cancer, and just normal cause of death increases so significantly, it is being compared to those who smoke cigarettes and develop cancer.


What’s in the meat?


Well just about everything is polluted today, but the idea behind this study is really that high levels of meat and cheese intake is what will cause the storm. Pizza every other night, and a cheeseburger the pizza-less nights is what will do it to you.


STORY: Elderly Probably Should Eat More Protein Than Middle-Age


And when you think about it, people who eat like that do not drink water, they drink it with soda. They probably do not take vitamins and minerals, and they eat veggies and fruits (as a man said in a recent documentary), “in moderation!”


Be mindful of your meat intake… 


This is why this is an alarming piece of news. If you had a burger a week or month, and you did a proper colonic to remove the heavy debri meat protein leaves, you may find yourself doing better than even some vegetarian.


Be mindful of your meat intake, especially if you’re middle aged, and just know that it is like smoking cigarettes. Just think if you already smoke… Uuch!


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