Fish Markets in New York Leads to Rare Skin Infection

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Fish Markets in New York Leads to Rare Skin InfectionA rare skin infection traced to New York’s fish markets is making health news today. We hope people in the NY gird themselves up to protect against this rare infection.


It is being traced to raw seafood purchased at fish markets in NYC’s three largest Chinese neighborhoods, the city’s health officials report. Just about 30 cases of the infection has been reported and it appears to be caused by a bacterium known as Mycobacterium marinum.


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The symptoms are not sweet, they include red, swollen, tender lumps beneath the skin of the hands and arms. There is swelling and pain, and also difficulty moving their fingers.


The city is urging anyone infected to get treatment immediately with antibiotics.


All the victims said they had handled live or raw seafood from fish markets in one of the city’s three large Chinese enclaves, the department said.


Wear waterproof gloves when handling raw fish that are coming from these markets is the strong recommendation. My next question is, is the fish still edible? I would think not raw, but I’m not a fish expert.


Just health news to be mindful of.



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