Antibiotic Use is Putting Patients at Risk in Hospitals

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“Mom, they’re doing it again!”


That’s what the kid reporting to his mother what the neighbors are doing, and in a weird correlation, this is what the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is saying hospitals are doing to their patients. They are giving way too much antibiotics and prescriptions and by doing so, they are putting patients at risk in hospitals.


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Antibiotic Use is Putting Patients at Risk in reported that nearly half a million (that’s 500,000) people are killed each year from medical mistakes in hospitals, under the care of a trained and educated physician. Now, I’m not trying to spank the physician here, but instead I’m putting awareness towards their errors that go under the media limelight.


Also, I wish they all be much more careful in practice. I mean a mental error costs professional athletes the game, the MVP award, a chance at a title; but a mental error by a doctor cost patients their lives, and loved ones their family member.


The CDC is strongly recommending that all hospitals, no matter how small, develop a seven-step antibiotic prescribing program that includes greater accountability and monitoring of antibiotic prescription and use…


Stricter control, administering, and accountability is needed in today’s hospitals concerning antibiotics and prescription drugs, says the CDC.


Doctors in some hospitals prescribe up to three times as many antibiotics as doctors at other hospitals, putting patients at greater risk for deadly superbug infections, according to a federal study released Tuesday.


Be careful, and go holistically first before exposing your body to man-made chemically based drugs.


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