Mississippi Fat, Montana Skinny

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Mississippi Fat, Montana SkinnyThe poles are in that if you are a Mississippian, your state is finally the leader. You lead the league in percentage of obese citizens. Mississippians are the most obese people.


On the other hand, if you’re from Montana, you have the lowest percentage of obese people. In essence, if you want to gain weight, move to ole Mississippi, and if you want to lose weight, head over to Montana.


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Mississippi’s rate of obesity in 2013 was setting at 35.4%, West Virginia, Delaware, Louisiana, and Arkansas closely followed. On the opposite end, Montana’s rate of obesity was 19.6% (the lowest), with Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, and Massachusetts following.


You give yourself an 81% chance of not being obese if you live in Montana, according to these statistics and numbers. These statistics were conducted by Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index!


Obesity rates have generally gone up across the US each year since 2008. All the barking, ‘Biggest Loser’ reality shows, health lectures, still, people are still putting on the weight.


But wait, there’s more…


Gallup also looked at chronic disease in these states with the highest levels of obesity.


  • High blood pressure – 35.8%
  • High cholesterol – 28.2%
  • Depression – 20.7%
  • Diabetes – 14.3%
  • Cancer – 7.8%
  • Heart Attack – 5%


The bottom line is that with obesity rates still climbing across all states, and with that climb comes disease, also the cost associated with chronic disease will climb, and we’ll be in a state of emergency pretty soon.


Take back control, stay active, give up processed foods for 90 days, get Dr. Wallach’s minerals, be positive, and help someone else.


We can do it, if we all give it a honest, educated, attempt!


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