Heart Disease and Cancer Have New Hard Competition

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New study ranks Alzheimer’s as third-leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer
New study ranks Alzheimer’s as third-leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer

The game has gotten thicker in the lead over disease and death. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – just noticed that it should be the CDCP, but prevention did not make it… anyway), has made a new report on the leading cause of death.


This is not a game, and even if it is, it is a really serious one, but alzheimers use to be the sixth-leading cause of death. It wasn’t even close to heart disease and cancer. But a new report published yesterday (3/5/14) revealed that the current method of relying on death certificates isn’t clear enough to understand the impact of alzheimers.


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The medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology are suggesting that the traditional way of keeping up with alzheimer’s related deaths is underestimating the impact of alzheimers. For instance:


…the CDC attributed about 84,000 deaths in 2010 to Alzheimer’s, the report estimated that number to be 503,400 among people 75 and older.


A jump in numbers like that would make alzheimer’s a CLOSE third in the race of causes of death. As mentioned previously, this is not a game, but the reality is we need to keep a measure of what is killing the most people, and if we are wise, we should take preventative measures against it.


If the new report and methods of finding causes of death in relating it to alzheimers is true, alzheimer’s is truly a sleeping giant. This should make for alzheimer’s to receive more funding for research since it is killing more people than previously thought.


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