Pain Relief Drugs During Pregnancy Raises ADHD Risk

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Pain Relief Drugs During Pregnancy Raises ADHD RiskLadies, I’m sorry, I have to say you must tough it out during pregnancy. Stop pill popping for every little headache, stop asking for the spinal, as we use to say in the streets… “thug it out!”


That is of course if you do not want to raise the risk of having a child who develops ADHD. I mean, which headache do you want, the one with them in the womb, or them bouncing all the furniture nearly splitting their head wide open?


In all seriousness, ADHD research has reported that a common pain relieving drug safely considered for pregnant women has been tied to (for the first time) to an increased risk of ADHD. ADHD, for those not privy, stands for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in children (and grown ups today too).


More studies are needed to confirm this, so for now, go ahead and deal with your drugs, until further confirmation. Nevertheless, experts are saying new research is pointing the finger at potentially a new worldwide rise in cases of ADHD.

Nuts to the Rescue for Heart Disease and Cancer

In the article I read this in, the author said there are no known causes for ADHD!* ARE YOU SERIOUS?


We can’t be that ridiculous. I’ll leave that alone for now!


Women who took paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen, while pregnant had a 37 per cent higher risk of having a child who would be later given a hospital diagnosis of hyperkinetic disorder, a particularly severe form of ADHD, said the study published in the February 24 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics.


The drug of danger here is paracetamol. It can interfere with standard hormone function, even affecting development of the foetal brain. The research was based survey-data of more than 64,000 Danish women during the years of 1996 and 2002. More than half of these women said they took paracetamol at least once during pregnancy.


The study was led by Zeyan Liew, of UCLA, and was co-authored by Jorn Olsen of the University of Aarhus in Denmark.


Okay ladies, you don’t have to thug it out! If you do have children with ADHD, a holistic practitioner or naturopath doctor would suggest the child or children are sensitive to sugar and or alcohol. Therefore the beginning steps is to remove sugar and alcohol from the diet.


The entire family has to adjust eating for the sake of the child; you can’t eat cake while your ADHD child watches on. You’ll develop a different type of problem. The plant derived colloidal minerals will be great, with special attention to the the trace minerals of lithium, chromium, and vanadium.


All cool stuff to keep in mind and take actions on.


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