Pfizer Vaccine Study Could Boost Stock!

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Pfizer Vaccine Study Could Boost StockIn the old days, when you came up with an invention, the inventor was excited because he or she knew they were going to help a lot of people with a certain something.


They were ecstatic because their hard work, persistence, and dedicated action was going to pay off in bringing the new help to the population that need it. Today, innovation, invention, or new breakthrough means nothing more than $$$ (dollar signs) to inventors, companies, and businesspeople.


Pfizer, big drug giant is just about done in the development of a new vaccine study that could change medicine (they say), but can also give Pfizer a needed boost in the ole stock market.

Influenza Prevention with Food and Supplementation Instead of Flu-Shot

They just announced via press release that an 85,000 plus patient study, done in the Netherlands revealed its’ Prevnar-13 vaccine will prevent pneumonia and… AND invasive bacterial infection in adults 65 years and up!


Pfizer is excited because this news has the possibility to radically increase the number of older adults who vaccinated against the ‘pneumococcus’ bacteria.


While it hasn’t been fully approved by the slimy FDA (because there wasn’t enough proof to show how well the vaccine prevents people from becoming sick), it slated to be live possibly next year!


If it all works out, the vaccine will be of strong interest to doctors and providers, and could bring in an addition billion (with a B) dollars of sales revenue. Prevnar-13 could be your next financial ticket. It appears to be making more financial news than health news.


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