Nuts to the Rescue for Heart Disease and Cancer

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Nuts to the Rescue for Heart Disease and Cancer

Let’s get some perspective here. Before you finish reading this article right now, two people in the US will have a heart attack, one will result in death. I hope you sat up in your chair… I know did!


Immature people, let’s keep this article clean… ladies you need nuts, as much as guys (keep it clean guys). It’s been proven (again) that nuts have a wide range of health benefits. They clear out bad cholesterol, cut down visceral fat, which helps reduce the risk of dying from heart disease or cancer.

Scientists Say Harmful Chemicals are Getting into our Foods

These benefits were ‘reintroduced’ last year in a large focus study in New England Journal of Medicine (one day in Heaven people are going to get the opportunity to read these medical journals and say wow… the information hidden by media and advertisers of bad foods and products).


What was revealed in this finding, was that participants who ate a handful of nuts on a daily basis were twenty percent less likely to die from any cause over a 30-year-mortgage period than those who did not eat nuts.


Among those who ate nuts less often than once a week, the death rate was 11 percent below those who did not eat nuts.


The big deal was that regular nut eaters (like cashews, walnuts, almonds, etc.), enjoyed a 29% reduction in deaths from heart disease, which is the leading cause of death. They also had an 11% reduction in dying from cancer risk.

Nuts to the Rescue for Heart Disease and Cancer
Nuts to the Rescue


This is good news if you just eat a handful of nuts every day. Now image also, if you will, if you added, Dr. Wallach’s (or your favorite naturopath’s) cardio and heart supplementation. You’d take your reduction odds to the level of Michael Jordan winning a title in the 90s.


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In addition to heart disease reduction and cancer reduction in this study for the New England Journal of Medicine, they found that while nuts are high-calorie foods, nut consumers were less likely to be obese (over the weight limits), than those who did not eat nuts.


All cool stuff to keep in mind and take actions on.


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