7 Habits That Increase Your Children’s Risk for Obesity

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7 Habits That Increase Your Children’s Risk for Obesity
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HELLO PARENTS… here are 7 habits you have that will increase the chances of your children (chil-ren if you’re from the south) or your child being obese. Obese is such a nasty word, so I’ll go to over the weight limit (overweight). I originally saw this article by Kristin Kirkpatrick, and I had a few things to add and subtract, so here it goes.


Number One: You have a weight problem. That’s right, you’re over the weight limit, and because your baby looks at you trying their best to be like you, they will mimic every little thing you do. You don’t have to tell your kids to eat their veggies, just eat your veggies.


If you’re buying bad stuff in the house and eating it, they will too. Bring in the good stuff. Kirkpatrick found in a study that obese teenagers had a risk of early death as adults at the same rate as people who smoked up to 10 cigarettes a day! WOW!


Number Two: Rewarding Food Syndrome. If you reward your kids, such as do this and you’ll get cake (I’m guilty of this), it sends children a bad message. This shapes bad views that most young kids don’t understand; like good food is bad, therefore they need the bad food as reward.


Another case is greens are punishment food, so kids grow up avoiding punishment associated foods (healthy greens). The answer is to lead by example by eating good foods.

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Number Three: Fake Food Syndrome. Most homes are filled with fake food. This is that box of [something] that you purchased three years ago, but recently found and the expo (expiration date) reveals it will be expired in two weeks. You feel you’ve lucked out and get ready to take it in. You have avoided to realize you’ve had it sitting three years.


Food, real food that is, doesn’t sit around for three years. If your house is loaded with fake food, chances are you’ll be over the weight limit, and so will your offspring.


Number Four: Get Fit Initiative… Not. First Lady Michelle Obama orchestrated a get fit initiative for kids and adults, but you’re still on the couch flipping channels. The strongest muscle in your body is thumb, by way of changing channels.


If this is you, chances are you can put a camera on your chil-ren, and they will be doing the same. They’ll be telling their friends (like you do) they aren’t over the weight limit, they are just big-boned. The solution is to get active, take walks with the kids, go to the library or bookstore (instead of the mall), and lay off the couch.


Number Five: My Son’s a Picky Eater. Labeling is not good. Kirkpatrick share a study show that labeling children as ‘picky’ caused them to run from fruits and vegetables. What you label your kids, they will probably be, so them them what you want them to be!


Number Six: Wrong Meaning of Breakfast. You think breakfast means you have to break, fast from the home to get to work and get the kids to school. Therefore you don’t eat breakfast or if you do, it usually some nonsense fake food.


Children who eat a healthy breakfast, perform better in school, lowers their over the weight risks, and they have higher intake of vitamins and minerals. Good stuff. But chil-ren with poverty breakfast habits exhibited the opposites, and had higher chances of metabolic syndrome as adults.


Eat breakfast and eat it with your children, it is a great habit to develop.


Number Seven: No Real Eating Routine. In my house we have military style eating… okay it isn’t that harsh, but it is very routine. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner.


Studies have revealed the association in families with routine eating and a decrease in being over the weight limits. Having a routine is like having a financial budget. If you have some control to your eating, you’re going to be better off. If you eat whenever and however, you’ll gain weight and get unhealthy without even knowing.


Just like if you have no budget, you’ll spend crazily and wonder where did all your money go? Keep a routine for your sake and your children. Kirkpatrick tells parents, it is our jobs to shape our children’s taste-buds! This doesn’t mean you and your children have to be vegans.


Instead, you want to teach control very early and instill good foods and good habits.


Teach your kids about which foods make them strong and which foods make them weak by using words and phrases they’ll understand such as “This salad will help you grow tall,” or “This apple makes mommy’s brain super strong.”


Your children are you until they die or have some kind of awakening or intervention. You are the same as your parents until you do the differently. Parents, it’s time to be better examples.


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