Exercise Band Fitbit Recalls Activity Tracker Because of Rash

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Exercise Band Fitbit Recalls Activity Tracker Because of RashIf you are curious of how many steps you take in a given day, or how many calories you burn in an afternoon walk, or simply what is your overall activity levels; you may have been drawn to an exercise band. These have become popular over the last few years (thank you First Lady Michelle Obama).


These are great, I have one and they are cool. I just don’t like wearing stuff on my risk. I bought a $5,000 watch that sits comfortably in my dresser because I can’t wear it (it wasn’t 5Gs I just tried to impress you).


At anyrate, if you have an exercise band from a company called Fitbit, they want the band back. Yep they want it back because it has cause a number of people skin rashes and they need to get it right. Complaints of an itchy irritated wrist have forced Fitbit to voluntarily recall their popular Fitbit Force activity trackers wristband.


Check this out: nearly 2% (~ two percent) of Fitbit Force users complained about skin rashes following wearing the exercise band. Two percent sounds small, but 2% of 100,000 is 2,000 people (with itchy wrist).

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The band cost $130 and was released in 2013; it tracks steps, calories burned, distances, sleep patterns and  did I say calories burned. It also syncs all this info onto your computer or smart-ass-phone device.


Any Force owners interested in returning their wristbands for a full refund can fill out a form on the Fitbit website or call the company’s customer service center. They’ll receive a kit to mail the Force back to the company and should receive a refund check in two to six weeks.


The company apologies. If you have skin irritations (not due to Fitbit) you should go gluten free for 90 days to test, get on the baseline of 90 for life nutrients, keep enzymes BCl for good absorption and use pure shea butter scentless lotions!


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