by Due Daniels
Intense Workout Leads To Hospitalization

Working out too hard for your bodies level is not wise. At times we feel like we can do what everyone else is doing. We see our friends exercising, you know the fitness nuts or we see some random people on TV able to work out and we believe that we have the same capability….

Brain and Heart Exercise
by Due Daniels
How to Improve your Health and Make a lot of Money 2013

If you want to learn how to improve your health and make a lot of money in 2013 there is one option for you. Well actually there are many, but one will get you there faster, better, and safely. And that way is to make some changes to your lifestyle and some mental changes to…

Youngevity Products
by Due Daniels
Youngevity Product Packs

Youngevity products have gotten just that much better with the launching of the Youngevity Product packs.  The Youngevity Product Packs were started for what I like to believe because of my creative packaging I did on my own.  For instance, if someone had arthritis, I would devise my own package for them and called it…

Product Packs Youngevity Products