Influenza Prevention with Food and Supplementation Instead of Flu-Shot: Studies Suggest

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Influenza Prevention with Food and Supplementation Instead of Flu-Shot: Studies Suggest
or Supplement?

Have you went on in, maybe at the suggestion of your doctor or mom, or other family member, advising you to get the flu-shot? If you’re alive, someone probably has suggested it to you telling you to go get it.


The flu-shot is meant to inoculate your body with a strain of the flu so your body recognizes it when it is actually under siege. Then your body’s defense system can attack well. Now let me ask you a question… If I told you to invade a country with an army, and the country could use no allies, which country between of Russia or Suriname would you invade?


You’d probably invade Suriname over Russia because Russia appears to have better defense (chances are you’ve never even heard of Suriname… it’s in South America). This illustration serves to point out not all countries are equal in defense, and likewise not all immune systems are equal in defense.


New studies are showing that natural supplementation is helping to prevent influenza because of nutrient rich cell-feeding, giving the body greater ability to defend the body against evil intruders (like germs).


Okay maybe they aren’t so evil, but they are really bad. A flu usually knocks a person down for a week. If that person has a weak immune system, they have bad defense, it will land them in the hospital, possibly even bring upon death.

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If you have an slow defense, you will be thrown down in your bed for the week. If your immune system is a bit stronger than those knocked on their bottom for a week, you’re up but feel extremely weak or slowed down. You probably can’t focus and you’re uncomfortable. You may be asking yourself, “why is my computer running so slow… I must have a virus!”


You do! It’s called influenza!


With or without vaccination, natural immune support and supplementation may be an effective means of reducing the global rates of severe infection and mortality.


Besides keeping good hygiene, washing hands, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, sneezing and coughing into your inner arm (you know the stuff they teach you on pbs-kids), natural supplementation is being found to be a great addition.


Wolfberry herbs (also known as goji), seaweed, and a host of other “super foods” are being used to prevent influenza or to speed up the removal of it (once contacted).


Dr. Wallach would suggest the Flu-Pack going into the winter (see it here). Give your body the chance to fight back and better yet, to build the strong wall of defense. Be a proud nation with healthy strong cells that can protect the body from harmful intruders (like…germs).


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