My Quick Rant on the Use of Supplements

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My Quick Rant on the Use of Supplements
My Quick Rant on the Use of Supplements

It’s like the fight on religion. You don’t believe in God or you do. Speak your peace, and recruit but don’t get mad that people are recruiting against God. Likewise, if you don’t believe in God, don’t get upset that people do and recruit others to their belief.


If you love supplements, and want the world to take them, it can be frustrating that people hurt your mission by falsely putting info out there against supplements.


That’s their job.

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Your job is to put your info out there so people can be judges for themselves. Therefore, you’re not right to say supplements are a sham, neither am I right to say supplements are the real deal.


The info, facts, and stats just are. Take it or leave it.


But it does get annoying when facts and stats support something that people will opening come out and call a sham!


There is a constant fight between health researchers and doctors who believe supplements help your health and those who believe supplements do not help. Tests favor those who take pure supplements and not junk supplements made in a lab by scientists copying the natural order.


The medical industry cannot deny the added benefits supplements have given to millions of people who take them. Not to poke fun, but when I tell my doctor I’m on a fine-grade of natural supplements, I can kinda see him cringe for a moment, knowing I’m no good for his mortgage payment.


I do not believe it is scientifically correct to do a supplement study on people who do not make lifestyle changes and begin using supplements. Typically, people who take supplements are people who have been educated to a certain degree to make some lifestyle changes that will assist the supplements being beneficial to them.


Too often people here on the news, for instance, that vitamin A can do something for them and they run to the local store and buy some vitamin A.


They possibly will see little benefits and then disregard all supplements. Supplementation is something you should do with an educated background and thorough research so that you understand why you are using supplements and the benefits you can expect from them.


Don’t trust any headline out there backing supplements or not supporting supplements, without investigating it yourself. Supplements do help people massively healthwise. People have recovered from great ailments, back to normal health; simply by the use of supplements coupled with also lifeStyle changes.


Don’t believe those headlines that say supplements don’t help; they probably didn’t finish their headline, “Any Old Supplement Won’t Help,” is what they were trying to say.


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Due Daniels @duedaniels

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SEMD Youngevity Rep 100505006

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