by Due Daniels
Have Memory Loss Not Related to Alzheimer’s Disease?

If you are slightly feeling like you are not able to remember short-term or even long-term things and it’s not related to Alzheimer’s disease there are some things you can do (even if it is alzheimer’s disease there are some things you can do as well).   Usually memory loss is because you are running…

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by Due Daniels
Dark Chocolate Pills Not Milk Chocolate Bars

Valentines Day can take a terrible turn if chocolate pills are invited into the commercialization of professing ones love. Turns out that Valentines Day is the reason women outlive men. They get a surplus amount of chocolate in one month.   Can a chocolate pill help prevent a heart attack? That is the question a…

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by Due Daniels
New Drug Boss in Town, Not in the Streets but the Store

As they say, “there’s a new sheriff in town,” except this sheriff  is a new villain. Street drugs plagued the US poor urban areas since the 80s where drug dealers destroyed families by infiltrating neighborhoods with illegal drugs.   Today, we have a new drug boss, a new kingpin if you will, and he has…

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by Due Daniels
More Reasons to Not Eat Meat: Laced with LSD

My mother told me this weekend that she will continue to drive 2 hours south of Chicago to a farmer who sells her live chicken and goat that she visually sees taken alive. She visually watches the chickens and goats killed, and she visually observes the blood in the meat.   She visually watches the…

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by Due Daniels
To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed: That is the Question

Breastfeeding has been around since Adam and Eve, it’s not just an American pastime like Baseball, but it is a world pastime. Most mothers love it, some can’t handle it. But the question is, is it the right thing to do for their suckingling newborn?   Most health experts, doctors, and naturopaths will tell you…

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