To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed: That is the Question

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Breastfeeding has been around since Adam and Eve, it’s not just an American pastime like Baseball, but it is a world pastime. Most mothers love it, some can’t handle it. But the question is, is it the right thing to do for their suckingling newborn?


Most health experts, doctors, and naturopaths will tell you yes! The reason is simple. The baby receives the nutrients the mother gives. Well, does a baby that is not breastfed not get good nutrients?


Breastfeeding goes past general biological health, it goes into psychology, mental health, and social health. All these things tie into the nursing of a newborn, and breastfeeding is a major component to their overall development.


The new research, published this week in the journal Social Science & Medicine, looked at longitudinal data from three separate populations: 8,237 children, 7,319 siblings and 1,773 sibling pairs where at least one child was breast-fed and at least one child was not.

Researchers measured 11 outcomes previously shown to be impacted by breast-feeding: body mass index (BMI); obesity; asthma; hyperactivity; parental attachment; behavior compliance; and achievement in vocabulary, reading recognition, math ability, intelligence and scholastic competence.


Data across all these field showed that the families that took to breastfeeding enjoyed better results than their bottle-feeding counterparts.


This included factors such as BMI, math skills, reading ability, hyperactivity, vocabulary, recollection, and overall scholastic competence. Not to mention health-wise, with obesity and other ailments.


Looks like mothers need to put the nipple of the breast in the mouth of the new-born and not the nipple of the bottle and help infant out in the long run.


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