Flu Killing Hundreds in California

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Flu Killing Hundreds in CaliforniaPerhaps the flu shot did not do so well in California this winter. The reality is that over 300 people in California have died from the flu this year alone, and we just got to March three days ago. The age range in the deaths has been from 65 years of age and down, which is very startling.


State officials have made known then most of the flu victims who have died this year or from the age of 65 and under, including six of them who were children. The highest risk of influenza has been noted as the elderly, pregnant women (I guess it couldn’t be pregnant men), babies, and those who have pre-existing medical conditions.


We already know the symptoms of the flu, that they can range from a fever to a cough, sore throat, along with headaches, muscle pains, running and stuffy noses, and of course fatigue.

STORY: Influenza Prevention with Food and Supplementation Instead of Flu-Shot


On the health side it’s great to be sure your body is getting all the nutrients and that you are also aiding yourself with bacteria killing herbs in order to prevent or recover from the flu.


The flu is a virus that specifically attacks the immune system, and weak militaries get conquered and killed. Don’t let this happen to you, get out there and beef up your military by providing good nutrients (in the form of supplements and healthy eating), antioxidants, and decent physical activity.


Californians be safe, be aware, stay healthy, and we’re praying for you… peace.


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