More Reasons to Not Eat Meat: Laced with LSD

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More Reasons to Not Eat Meat: Laced with LSDMy mother told me this weekend that she will continue to drive 2 hours south of Chicago to a farmer who sells her live chicken and goat that she visually sees taken alive. She visually watches the chickens and goats killed, and she visually observes the blood in the meat.


She visually watches the packaging and she stores it in her own freezers. When you do it this way, it becomes pretty hard to have what happened to a Florida family, happen to my mom (or you).


As if we didn’t need another reason not to eat meat, we have another. How about a little LSD (acid) in your steak for lunch or dinner. That is what happened to a Florida family. They went out to Wal-Mart (you know the all in one super store), purchased some meat that happened to be laced with the drug LSD.

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LSD is more commonly known as acid. Reports said the family had their scrumptious dinner, only to be followed by hallucinations and other symptoms from the acid.


This story gets ill and amazing, like it is out of a movie. I bet they have a million lawyers calling them to represent them.


The man, Ron Morales, a 24-year of age man, got ill with rapid heartbeat, troubled breathing, and such, and his girlfriend, Jessica Rosado, rushed him to the hospital. Rosado was 9-months pregnant, and while there she also began to get the symptoms from the LSD.


They had to induce her labor. Later their other kids also had the symptoms. The two other kids are ages six and seven.


LSD is the abbreviation for lysergic acid diethylamide and is often referred to as “acid.” It is well documented that the drug causes profound psychological effects such as altering the mind’s thinking processes, creating open eye and closed eye hallucinations, synesthesia and producing a radically different feeling of time.


Everyone is cooperating with police and their investigation. However, this gives all of us additional reasons to ‘flip the beef’ or at least to look at it with careful observation.


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