Testosterone Drug Approved by FDA

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Testosterone Drug Approved by FDAAn Irish drugmaker is jumping for joy because the FDA finally approved a drug called Aveed. Aveed is a testosterone injection made for hormone boosting for older men (who aren’t producing enough testosterone).


As men get older, they produce less and less testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that causes the deepening voice at puberty, the beard or facial hair to grow, and other things associated to becoming “manly.”


Most men do not eat a diet rich in natural testosterone aiding foods, nor are they supplementing correctly. Then add, things like medicines that act as estrogen in the body, all of the sudden man-boobs appear, the little guy downstairs takes a long vacation, and they’re trying out Aveed.

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Natural foods that give a quality amount of testosterone can be found in grapes, tuna, and avocados (they are stocked in my shelves). The grapes help the sperm-count, the tuna gives an active sexual drive, and the avocados clean the pipes out.


If you take that with a few other active herbs, made by the Creator, in that they grow out of the ground, news that the FDA approves another ‘killer’ drug to help you with something the earth gives freely, won’t move you at all.


The only reason it is news to me is because I know men will flock to it, but won’t give ‘horny-goat-weed’ a time of day. They won’t handle maca-root, and won’t clean up their diet and get on the 90 for life nutrients.


Here’s to all of us who will…



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