Boost Breast Cancer Survival with Vitamin D

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Boost Breast Cancer Survival with Vitamin DI remember having a conversation with good ole Dr. Peter Glidden (author of The MD Emperor Has No Clothes: Everybody is Sick, and I Know Why), at one of his lectures, and Dr. Glidden said to me, regarding a cancer treatment center in America; that they have better success rates with cancer treatment (than other chemo treatments) because after chemo, they give the patients natural supplements and herbs to recover from the chemo.


Now, don’t quote me or Dr. Glidden on that, but that is what I remember (it was a few years ago). I was reminded of this when I saw this headline in the news feed, that simply taking vitamin D would help woman’s’ survival rates of breast cancer.


There is something else that should be added; if women with breast cancer took selenium, they would find possible* survival boost. As Dr. Wallach would say, just think of their survival rate if they took all the known needed nutrients, like all 90-plus of them.


Vitamin D may help women with breast cancer survive the disease.


Researchers reported in the March 6 issue of Anticancer Research that patients with high levels of Vitamin D in their blood were twice as likely to survive the disease than women with low levels of the nutrient.


The researchers are thinking and suggesting that vitamin D should be included to supplement other breast cancer treatments. This is exciting findings, and should not only be in the newsfeeds, but also on the headlines.



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