New Drug Boss in Town, Not in the Streets but the Store

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New Drug Boss in Town, Not in the Streets but the StoreAs they say, “there’s a new sheriff in town,” except this sheriff  is a new villain. Street drugs plagued the US poor urban areas since the 80s where drug dealers destroyed families by infiltrating neighborhoods with illegal drugs.


Today, we have a new drug boss, a new kingpin if you will, and he has the good law by his side. We’re talking about pharmaceutical drug kingpins (and queenpins, we haven’t forgotten the lady lords).

 Drug abuse in youth is the new growing problem

The problem is that the drug abuse, use to be by the older folks who had pains and got hooked on their drugs as a way to alleviate pain (as all substance abusers resort). However, this habit has now invited a younger crowd, that the public is now getting concerned over.


Joint Pain: Glucosamine Won’t Help Knee Cartilage Deterioration

Drug abuse in youth is the new growing problem. When I’m watching NBA TV and an ad comes on telling me to watch my prescription drugs in the house from my teenagers… the problem has become big and real.


Pharmaceutical drug abuse with teenagers in the growing problem. When we consider that Americans from ages 12- 49 who abuse prescription drugs are more likely to graduate to using heroin, we are in trouble.


Over the counter drugs are the most abused drugs by high school senior, and all teenagers from age 12-17, according to Ashley Campbell (writer for While all things and problems are everyone’s concern, this is a parenting issue first.


As parents, we have to inspect what we expect; we won’t have kids who are abusing prescription drugs, especially if we aren’t on prescription drugs either. Also, we’d be able to help the youth better if we’re paying more attention to their lives.


Having a kid on prescription drugs in an abusive way, that may lead to strong illegal drug use, doesn’t just affect you, it affects us all.


Get a tighter grip!


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