Steve Jobs to Grace USPS with Stamp in 2015

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Steve Jobs to Grace USPS with Stamp in 2015The United States Postal Service is hoping Steve Jobs (in death) can do what he did (in life) for Apple. They are hoping he can help the revenues of the United States Postal Service, by gracing him with a stamp that will be ready in 2015. Steve Jobs lived a great life and left a great lasting legacy and they are hoping that that legacy can help increase the revenues of United States Postal Service.


With competition at every side and with digital mailing, the post office has taken a hit (financially speaking). This is why they are hoping that Steve Jobs can give some relevancy back to the Postal Service. It is not strange to seek the help of a deceased person in terms of business. Many great men and women have died and continue to live by earning companies great revenues because of their great service to mankind.


I write this article because I can’t help but think Steve Jobs would still be on this earth if he was to have the proper health care or the proper knowledge of healthcare than what he received.


While doctors who assisted him did great to the extent of what they knew, and extended his life for what he probably was slated to live, nevertheless, as wealthy and as healthy as Jobs attempted to live, he is still gone (and missed).

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If he would have had the opportunity to hear the message from guys like Dr. Wallach, the doctors on the Food Matters documentary, it is just my belief that Jobs would still be here.


Nevertheless he lives on through the same device that I’m using to write this article (the iMac), and the same device I use to record this article the (iPhone) and I’m thankful for him.


I wish that all would learn to step outside the box on health so they can gain control over their own body. Have a great weekend and God bless!


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