Nurse Says Prostate Cancer Affects African-Americans Double than in Caucasian Men

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Nurse Says Prostate Cancer Affects African-Americans Double than in Caucasian Men

There’s an increase in community engagement in African American community because of this issue surrounding prostate cancer. It has been a clear fact that prostate cancer compromises black males (over the age of 50) at double to rate it does white males.


This should be carefully studied, however when it is, most nutritionists will report the game comes down to what each race is eating. The nurse that did the presentation said that education is very important; that it is very important to take an active role in your own health care.


This is to say that white males take a more active role than black males. That phrase is not far fetch to digest and understand, white people are normally more educated than blacks. This is the case in mainstream education, definitely so it is in the health realm.

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Of most of the cancers out there, prostate cancer, has been one of the easiest to treat. This is why if you educate people better about what to do with prostate issues, we would have less occurrences of cancer and less occurrences of prostate problems altogether.


Prostate problems are usually caused by a deficiency in the nutrient zinc. It would appear very simple to fix this problem, simply add zinc or more zinc to the diet. But you would also need to add all the nutrients needed to help the body get WELL holistically to a healthy level. The use of unsweetened cranberry juice has shown very promising.

Prostate Cancer Affects African-Americans Double than in Caucasian Men


In addition, herbs will really do the trick to repairing everything. On the cancer side you want to take selenium. These are great suggestions that you can read about in Dr. Wallach’ book, Let’s Play Doctor and help yourself or help a loved one in your family


If you know a black male 50 years and above, either a father or uncle or grandfather, share with them what you’ve learned in this article, as the nurse said education is the best practice. Make sure to get tested and then get them the herbs and the nutrients they need to restore themselves.


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