Scientists Say Harmful Chemicals are Getting into our Foods

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Scientists Say Harmful Chemicals are Getting into our FoodsCat’s out the bag folks… jury’s out… They are finally saying that the chemicals used to package, store, and processed foods may be very bad for your health even though they are only used in small and legal amounts. We had to know that this would be a concern of sorts because of the widespread use of preservatives. Most foods we eat today does not come right out of the ground anymore.


They go through processing plants, these foods are made days and even weeks in advance; and these foods have shelf lives of almost a couple years.


This can be dangerous.


Imagine trying to preserve an apple for year on your shelf. Can you imagine what you would see? The full effect of using these chemicals in your body have not been known but scientists are concerned that they have to be hazardous.


The commentary, published on Feb. 19 in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, expressed “a cause for concern for several reasons” that these substances may be leaking into the foods that we eat.


We should all know that the body will heal itself but over time putting the wrong things in consistently, and avoiding the right things, the body will decay. It is time for people to really start to read the labels, read the labels if you don’t read the labels you can end up getting poisoned.

Scientists Say Harmful Chemicals are Getting into our Foods

That was a quote from the rapper Rza back in the day. However the truth still rings today that a lot of these chemicals are carcinogens and our FDA allows it. The FDA allows it but they have a problem with a vitamin, ha ha!


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Bottom line is that if you are doing hazardous things to your body, you should definitely incorporate some good things such as give yourself a 90 essential nutrients that your body requires on a daily basis.


Stay healthy, friend, stay healthy.


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