Researchers in Germany Say Stress Causes Headaches

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Are you worried about your job, your kids, the rent, mortgage, the recent breakup? Is it causing you stress? The stress just may be the cause of your constant headaches. A study showed that stress does give you more headaches.

This would kinda mean that stressful people give you stress, which gives you headaches. Therefore, your girlfriend is right, you are giving her a headache.


Let’s get back serious, a new study revealed that people with frequent headaches are more likely to have higher levels of stress. The author of this study said headache sufferers may want to learn about stress management techniques like meditation.


Uh… the weirdos who sit in weird positions breathing and looking like they are … weird have been saying this for ages. Well, it’s not too late to take heed.


“These results show that this is a problem for everyone who suffers from headaches and emphasize the importance of stress management approaches for people with migraine and those who treat them,” study author Dr. Sara H. Schramm, from the University Hospital of University Duisburg-Essen in Germany


This study interviewed 5,159 people from ages 21 to 71, so this was a decently broad study. We get some ‘boo-boos’ who do studies with just 10 people and want to etch their results in stone.


The study interviewed the participants four times a year for two years, primarily about their stress levels and the amount of headaches they had.

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About a bit less that a third of the studied reported having tension-type headaches, which are the most common kind. That is the kind of headache that feels like your forehead is being iced and that someone is clinching the back of your neck. It last for two days each month.


The less common headache was the migraine headache, which 14% of the group suffered. These we know are more intense and painful. Just over 10% reported having both; regardless the correlation between stress and headaches per month were clear.


Dr. Souhel Najjar, director of the Neuroscience Center at Staten Island University Hospital in New York, told HealthDay that constant headaches are a public health issue that affect people’s lives, contributing to problems economically and socially.


“This finding is important and suggests that identifying sources of chronic stress, and utilizing strategies directed toward elimination or modification of stress, including meditation, deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques, can be very effective in reducing the frequency of all types of headaches, particularly tension headaches,” Najjar, who was not involved in the study, said.


Our health tip is to practice deep breathing exercises daily three times a day, upon waking, midday, and before resting during the night hours. This will be the best option.


Using a substance (a LEGAL substance) to help with this can be of great assistance. Foods like nuts and seeds, citrus fruits, and oatmeal are helpful in stress reduction.


Stress ESE Plus is a great Youngevity Product to assist with stress management as well.


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