Intense Workout Leads To Hospitalization

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Intense Workout Leads To HospitalizationWorking out too hard for your bodies level is not wise. At times we feel like we can do what everyone else is doing. We see our friends exercising, you know the fitness nuts or we see some random people on TV able to work out and we believe that we have the same capability.

As a former basketball player, I look at the NBA or collegiate guys on TV playing ball down and my brain relates to my in-shape days. However when I get out on the basketball court I run up and down, one or two or three times; I am ready to pass out. This is because my body is not where my mind is. And more so, because I am not well conditioned for that activity.

Why would you sit on your bottom all day long and watch a commercial about intense workout and attempted without doing any other working out or exercises in between.

It really does not make any sense for you to do something like that. It would be far better for you to start basic and moderate exercising, so you get your muscles acclimated to activity and then you graduate going to levels more intense.

You lose a soup of minerals every time you sweat!

An ABC news reporter went into an intense workout and landed her in the hospital for nearly a week. Luckily she’s okay but it could have been fatal for her. Before you exercise remember that you are losing liquids as you sweat. The liquids are not just water, but are a soup of minerals, as told by Dr. Joel Wallach, that needs to be replenished during and after exercising.

Exercising without the minerals is the reason why we are seeing perfectly healthy people exercise daily and then drop defunct, sometimes while they are exercising. I recommend you don’t do Gatorade powerade or anything else ‘aid’, instead go for something that will replace the nutrients you loss during your workout.

My highest recommendation of course would be something under the Youngevity Products brand and something that I use everyday call Rebound Fx. Try some today if you are someone who has high intensity workouts or exercise regularly.

Rebound Fx Sports Beverage (over 100 replenishing nutrients compared to gatorade’s 2 nutrients)

Stay healthy my friend, stay healthy

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