Bernie Madoff Recovering from Heart Attack

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This was the headline of a cover article on the disgraced banker Bernie Madoff, who had swindled thousands of investors out of billions of mulah. The convicted Ponzi villain suffered a heart attack in December, spending much time at the prestigious Duke University Medical Center.

Bernie Madoff Recovering from Heart Attack

I wonder if the doctor caring for him is paid under the table to be a bad doctor. Obviously, the media doesn’t like him at all, the public paints him terrible and he probably is.  One quote from said

“…Madoff just moved a few steps closer to hell.”




Madoff is now 75 years of age, the average age Americans live and it is likely he’s on his way out, but really that is not my call or concern. He did a bad thing and that bad thing hurt a lot of people and circumvented a lot of people’s lives. But the reason for this article is to talk about heart attack.


In addition to the heart attack, he is battling kidney cancer and it’s at stage 4. Unless he’s juicing and eating whole organic greens, his battle is large in front of him.


The heart attack was probably caused by stress. He has nothing but time to reflect on all the evil he has caused on people and what that has done to his family. One of his sons has cancer, the other committed suicide, and anyone with a last name of Madoff is going through battles to have their name changed.

5 Million people Taking Statin Drugs to Reduce Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes


Madoff needs the 90 for life, and to help prevent a second heart attack, he should be eating the EFAs (essential fatty acids) like baseball players chew tobacco. I’m not too concerned with Madoff as much as I am concerned about you (the reader) to take this info and use for yourself, and perhaps some love ones in your life.


The brain and heart pak is a great start to keep your heart healthy, and if you modify your diet, like remove processed meats, processed foods, and exercise daily (short walks if you don’t like exercise); and you will give yourself every chance at getting and remaining healthy.


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