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Alex Jones says Youngevity Products Key

If you just finished listening to Alex Jones on the radio of his info wars show, then you are probably blown away, especially when he has a discussion with Dr. Joel Wallach (the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie guy). Alex Jones is known for his conspiracy theories and exploiting a lot of “bad business-bad politics” going on in the USA and around the world.

One of the “bad businesses” deals that Alex Jones exposes is that of the Health industry. Doctor Wallach researched showed that the root cause behind diseases taking on proportions that are record setting is because of the bad business of “bad” doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA. Alex Jones has found the natural remedy to fight off disease through the information that Dr. Wallach has helped to provide.

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The first thing you will learn from Alex Jones, Dr. Wallach, and us here at is that everyone who dies of so-called natural death really dies of a natural nutritional deficiency. This means that no one really dies of old age or of an actual disease. They really die because something was missing in their nutritional regiment such as calcium, selenium, copper, manganese, and so forth. The body needs three major things to live and function optimally. That is air, water, and 90 nutrients. Notice I didn’t say food. We only eat food to get the nutrients that our bodies need in order to live.

Air is not that difficult to acquire, water (clean water) is not that hard to come by especially if you live in a developed country. However the 90 nutrients has become a very difficult thing to come across, particularly as of late. Once the modern world went from wood burning stoves to gas, electric, and any other high technological advanced cooking method, we loss how we naturally receive two/thirds of the 90 nutrients we need.

The ashes from the burned wood would provide the minerals. Since we no longer have that, we have to supplement. THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS THIS (look up the senate documents). This is why we have supplements sitting on the shelves of nearly every grocery store (only thing is that they are synthetic). Even the best eating organic person out there could not get all their required nutrients because the land is not even yielding its best (also in senate documents). Therefore, you must supplement, especially if you are ill or feel ill.

We all need 90 nutrients, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 60 minerals, and 2 to 3 essential fatty acids. Doing this and avoiding hazardous foods such as; fried foods, burnt foods, margarine, soda, processed meats, and excessive processed boxed or canned foods, you have every honest expectation to live to 120 healthily and vibrantly. This is according to research, naturopathic doctors, Dr. Wallach, and even the Bible.

So if Alex Jones has made an impression on you today and you’re looking to order Youngevity Products, you can do it here and learn more about more of the different products that can and will help reverse diseases and maintain optimal health. God bless,